Energy Healing

Energy healing helps to balance the body's energy system, supporting its own natural healing ability, helping to refresh, repair and recharge.  With Angel Energy Healing (AEH), energy comes directly from the Divine (God, Source, Buddha), through the healer to you, for the best and highest good according to Divine will.

AEH balances energy in your body by releasing blockages, density and stagnant energy caused by:

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Stress, stuck emotions and overwork

  • Toxic people and negative environments

  • Illness, surgery, and chronic pain

AEH, with direct guidance from the Divine, helps to release negative thoughts, energetic blockages, limiting beliefs, lower vibrations and negativity that cause physical ailments.

This brings the mind, body and spirit into better alignment with the natural healing energies present in the unconditional love and light that flows all around us.

AEH can be completed on people, animals, pets, on specific physical locations, for the earth in general, for all consciousness and more.

In a session, the client relaxes while the healer directs energy to the chakra system and other areas of the body.  Because we all share the same energy, it is not necessary that the healer and client be in the same location.

For yourself or your pets, thirty minutes is usually all it takes.

Home/Space Clearing

Have you ever had an argument in your home or in your car?  Every interaction between people leaves an energetic signature. Through Angel Energy Healing you can clear your home as well as many other spaces from energetic signatures left over from your interactions, or from interactions that took place before you.

Energetically clearing spaces is helpful in response to a variety of situations. It is especially useful if you've just moved into a new home, if you're recovering from an illness, if you are currently feeling poorly after an argument or negative interaction with another, or you're getting over a relationship break up.

Clearing your space is also a great solution if you're feeling restless, irritated or uncomfortable in your home, office, or in any other space.

Meet The Healer


For nearly twenty years, Tricia Dewar has maintained a daily practice of Isha Yoga pranayama and meditation in pursuit of her soul’s path.  She credits her yoga for turning her focus inward towards Source, heightening her perception and instilling her sense of calm.

In 2015, Tricia took the Intuitive Practitioner Certification program, which gave her a deep understanding of her intuition, a connection with her spirit guides and a broader knowledge of the world of spirit.  Through guidance, she learned that she had been a healer in many past lives and was here in this life to continue that work. She then took a Reiki course and an Angel Energy Healing course where she found the tools for her practice.

Tricia and Ellie

We do pet healing too!