This Isn't Easy, Is It?

Know that you are not alone in this feeling. All of humanity is feeling this relentless, powerful energy. We are all having a more difficult time as thoughts and emotions are rising up from within us in order to be healed.

Find peace from within and from nature. Take a few steps each day to nurture your self. Take a walk and appreciate the fresh air, the sun on your face and the trees. Take a salt bath, listen to some of your favorite music, meditate. Give yourself permission to relax and enjoy things just for the fun of it.

This is a unique time both in our lives and in history. For so long we have been caught up in our repetitive, programmed lives. We are now being forced to slow down, take a step back and take stock of what is happening. We are being forced to see what is truly important and meaningful.

I’ve been practicing gratitude and forgiveness, which gives me so much support. Every day as I wake up I think of three things to be grateful for. Every night as I go to sleep I think back on the day and voice my gratitude for three more things... Some days I can find an abundance of things to be grateful for - my children, my health, my home and other days I can only find gratitude for the air I breathe and the fact that I’m alive. Either way, it cements the emotion of gratitude, proven to bring about greater well-being and satisfaction.

Forgiveness of self and of others can be healing as well. I wrote down all the times I needed to forgive myself or someone else and simply said, “I forgive you” as I thought of each situation. This is an incredibly effective way to lighten and heal. Know that as we heal and move through these difficult times, we are growing and increasing our awareness and our vibration.

As always, you can ask your angels and guides for help whenever you need strength and notice that when you do, it gets easier and you come back to your flow.

So, be vigilant, don’t allow feelings of anger and resentment to overwhelm you. But if they do, forgive your self. You are not perfect, nor is anyone. Get back on track and stay the course. We’re all in this together.

Much love.


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