As We Transition

So the mile marker for the equinox has passed, the New Year has begun and now the work begins to integrate this shift into the 4th and 5th dimensions of higher consciousness. I’m very hopeful and excited for the changes to come. Things are bound to get better right?

How do we facilitate the integration? Through releasing what no longer serves us, and welcoming that which brings us joy, excitement and hope.

One of the things we need to release is fear. I see many who are in so much fear for the future but I keep hearing, “Don’t fear. Be wise about your circumstances yes, but don’t fear them.” Fear brings hasty decision-making and pushes aside wisdom. As encouragement, Sadhguru says “If there is no fear of suffering in you, you will explore life in its full possibility.”

How do you release fear? Through meditation you can turn inward, feel the energy and emotion from that fear, stay with that, breathe through it and it will release itself. You may have to go through several layers of this fear and repeat these meditations but it can be a very effective and beautiful process.

There may be other things you need to release to move forward. Take a hard look at your life and recognize those things that may be blocking your growth. I’ve recently made some major changes in my life. I left a career to pursue my new life’s purpose and now I’m in the mode of building the foundation to share my gifts. It feels a little unstable but the support and encouragement from spirit has been inspiring and growing stronger. I’ve had to learn to trust myself and grow patience to let things unfold. I’ve had to slow down to sense the messages from my guides and from nature. And I’ve had to realize that some of this change will be uncomfortable but ultimately for the highest good.

Welcoming that which brings joy, excitement and hope is the easy part of the integration. One thing to remember though is not to limit your self. You may have a vision for your future but don’t be afraid to ask for something even better. As we move into these new dimensions away from the physical and towards the non-physical, our ability to manifest our reality becomes stronger. Take advantage of that!

I wish you all the best that 2021 has in store for you!



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